Established in 2018 from a passion for gut health, Wild at Heart quickly became a one-stop-shop for all nutritional needs.
Our founder, Kay Pinto, has blended her lifelong passion for good food with an in-depth understanding of the power that food choices have on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Business partner, Lynne Curran, has first-hand experience of the positive impact that dietary changes have on auto-immune conditions and is equally committed to the benefits of plant-based living.
With a desire to honour the wild places outside and within, the heart of the company was built on the principles of sustainability, community and compassion. Our overall ethos is based around a predominantly plant-based diet which has been ethically sourced to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best. Wild at Heart provides freshly cooked nutritious meals delivered straight to your door. A stress-free way to incorporate more vitality into your daily life.
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