Delivering fresh

plant-based food.

Keeping mind, body

and the planet


How it works

Choose and order

Select the number of meals you’d like (4,6 or 8) then have fun choosing from our meticulously planned, plant based, nutritionally balanced menu.

We get on with prepping for you

All our meals are prepared with fresh produce in the Wild at Heart kitchen.

We carefully pack and deliver

Meals are placed in compostable containers, carefully packed into branded cardboard boxes. We use compostable liners and ice packs in the box to ensure your meals are maintained at fridge temperature, as they journey towards you.

Heat, eat and bon appétit!

Once delivered, please refrigerate and consume by the ‘Use By’ date written on the reverse of the container. If necessary, heat when required. Enjoy the benefits, with zero effort, of eating fresh, healthy, nutritious food!


Best deal
Box size
Best deal

Subscription box of 4

£8.50 per meal

First order = 15% off and free delivery

Subsequent Delivery Cost = £3 per order.


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